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[fic] naran saram
나란 사람/someone like me [6/?]
Kyuhyun/girl!Sungmin; PG-15 (might change); 25929 words; chaptered
Kyuhyun's best friend will always be his little girl, even when she grows up.
a/n: please inform me of any glaring errors 'ㅅ' apology for the wait at the end of this chapter

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6

06 I want to know why you won't love meCollapse )

further a/n:Collapse )

You don't need to apologize. :3 If other people are impatient, then your fic doesn't deserve to be read by them~ ^^
The right plot hits writers at the right time~ we should never rush something just to please our readers. Sometimes, readers will appreciate your writing even though it's been so long since the last time you updated because they know the update is worth it~ :)

It hasn't been a month! Don't worry! And I was actually amazed, because last time you updated this, I was having an exam the day after. Now, I am going to have an exam tomorrow again. XD

This is sure a stress reliever. A way to at least freshen up before going to war, (i.e. gazillions of handouts).

Let's go to my comment now okay?

I can say that Sungmin really has balls! I knew Kyuhyun will be chicken forever. And it's all thanks to Sungmin that they can possibly be together if Kyuhyun will stop being a bastard and actually step up for once. I just hope Kyuhyun will stop running away. ._____.

After reading this update, I only have 2 questions in mind...
1. Will you update again when I have test the next day? 8D
2. Will there be smuttttt next chapter too? /shivers with anticipation

The right plot hits writers at the right time~

This is so true ;-; I think I fail to keep it in mind and stress myself out trying to force things sometimes.

I hope your exam was not harrowing D: when is your next exam? I will try to be prepared for it, lol >_>

Sungmin's balls > Kyuhyun's balls (or lack thereof). Perhaps Kyuhyun will marvel at Sungmin's balls and be inspired to act more ballsy. I'm never going to use the word balls ever again after this comment ㅠㅠ When I first thought of this fic, Kyuhyun was much more... in control and less delusional at this point of the story, but when I got to writing it, somehow it changed and I felt like his character wasn't ready to be brave yet - and if Sungmin didn't come to him, they would never have a chance :( Hopefully her bravery will teach him a lesson or two, or perhaps he'll sit back and let her take the initiative... which would lead to girl!Sungmin topping the hell out of oppa!Kyuhyun, in an epic smut that I am certainly incapable of writing D:

Whether there is smut (lol I have to always cross that word out, I feel so impure when I use it...) or not is sort of out of my hands. I had things in mind for this story that changed as I was writing; it has a mind of its own and does what it wants to. If the scene begs to be written, it might happen, although I would have to like... devote time to studying smut or something because I have no experience writing it D: but there won't be smut just for the sake of there being a smut scene DOES THIS MAKE SENSE /SHOT

tl;dr Thank you for reading and telling me your thoughts, lol ㅠㅠ a reader's opinion, questions, and curiosities are invaluable ♡

It's okay you know. I think you don't even have to apologize if you haven't updated sooner, 'cause all of us have a life. So I think that's good~

Actually, I still like the flow of the story and I'm kinda glad that he already knew what Sungmin thinks 'cause I think that's what he needs. He needs Sungmin more than anything.

oh and really thank you for updating! ^___^ It really made my day and everyone who loves you and your writing! ♥

fuck. this is gorgeous.
read the entire thing in one go (and i really really don't do that often, i lose patience with chaptered fics) and jesus. i am legit heartbroken.

kyuhyun's struggle fucking hurts. it is intense and worrying and realistic and exact. and bloody annoying, but that's what makes this all the more real. and i like your prose, no flashy big words, no fireworks or fanfare, just telling the story of kyuhyun's heart and it is beautiful. it's clear as day with what kyuhyun's feeling, and i think that fits so well with this story.

and idk if it helps but you really should have more confidence in your characterization and writing. i have this giant thing with characterization in fic, especially in this fandom, and i really turn a very critical eye on unrealistic one-dimensional personalities in fic, but yours is nothing like that. kyuhyun seems spineless, but is actually probably braver than sungmin imo, because courage isn't about people jumping out of helicopters or being able to confess in front of whoever you like. it's about being strong enough to hold your tears and emotions in when you have to do what you have to do, and that's exactly what kyuhyun's doing. your sungmin is beautiful, right down to her pink-painted toes and she's not a sweet yielding little girl, she's a smart little cookie who's playful and qt and stands rooted in her principles. and i think i love your eunhyuk the most, a brain of genius and balls of steel that girl has, really.

and the yewook injects precious hints of humor in this fic so it doesn't sear my heart that much.

so no pressure with the writing, but i just wanna say that this was really, really good. honest. ♥

I lose patience with chaptered fics, too ;-; perhaps that is another reason why I'm so aware of how long it takes me to update.

I think in the beginning it was my intent to sort of draw out Kyuhyun's "issues" because I noticed in all the Literature (yes, with the capital L >_>) I have to read for my major, shit never goes the way common sense dictates it should - people have stupid, long-suffering struggles that ruin lives and it takes up hundreds of pages and drives me fucking nuts. But I started to think maybe that is something that's been lacking in my writing - there isn't enough conflict, so I wanted to purposely focus on that this time around, but then it just sort of worked itself out that way regardless. Kyuhyun developed a personality with his initial 'problem' and it happened on its own. And that's where I completely agree that it's fucking annoying, lol. Even I get fed up with his poor attempts at rationalizing but then I remind myself that sometimes not only is fiction like that, but in reality, humans are no better at making "common sense" choices than characters like Kyuhyun. From our point of view everything is so obvious, but he's trapped in his own mind and sees everything through that tragically skewed lens. Poor bb :(

I'm really encouraged that you like my prose and characterization /dying of joy and embarrassment. I sometimes feel defeated when I see great writing, instead of feeling motivated to improve. But also I've come to see that I actually don't like ~flashy big words, fireworks, and fanfare. Sometimes I feel like writers are trying to talk down to me with their overbearing voice, and subsequently their characterizations seem off, too. So even though I am not capable of writing in that way, I still try my best with what vocabulary and ability I may or may not have ㅎㅎ I like that you find Kyuhyun brave, too :) I've touted him as being spineless and scared but really I've learned a lot from the way he reacts in situations. Even though we all want him to jump Sungmin~ it's still important to note that, right or wrong, he sees their relationship a certain way, and no matter what he wants, he won't go against what he thinks is "right." Also I've noted that Eunhyuk seems very popular, haha~ I will have to make sure she shows her face again :D

Sorry for writing a mini-novel back at you D: but some things you said really got me thinking and I'm going to take every word to heart. Thank you for your honesty and for reading; I hope you will critique me in the future if I fuck up majorly ㅠㅠ

i...i miss too kick you~ *kicks*
i think i forgot to comment before =p
but dont forget i always read your fic xDDD

and finally minnie take the step. >.< i'm glad, because i think kyu will not have the guts to do that.
and i figure he's having imaginary friend now. -___-
creepy.i learn psychology and it's still creepy for me. LOL
and i dont really get the last scene. did sungmin go and catch kyu in his apartment?is this still the day she's graduating? 0_0

so, next chappie will be the scene of lovey dovey kyu and min, right? and will be the scene where kyu kick his imaginary friend away. xD

id he still reject her, then i will hunt you down. yes, YOU. because you are the writer. xDDD


I miss being covered with bruises from your unique way of showing affection~

It's too bad Kyu's ~imaginary friend isn't more supportive of him... then he could talk Kyu into having the guts to go for Sungmin, lol ㅠㅠ

It isn't quite the day of her graduation, but I know I didn't do a very good job of moving fluidly into that scene. At one point Kyu ruminates on the fact that he took photos at Sungmin's graduation, then sent them to her; I sort of ignorantly assumed that people would infer it takes time for choosy!Kyuhyun to select the best pictures, have them developed and delivered, etc. Min also asks why Kyu came to her house the day she graduated, but again I see it isn't explicit that I meant for it to be in the past. I tried to write this chapter a bit more brokenly and jumbled to reflect Kyuhyun's declining health and mental-state, where there are several scene breaks and it jumps from hours to days to months between each scene. But there is no set time between the day Sungmin graduated and the day she comes to his apartment - the only really important thing to note is that the scene at the end of this chapter is the continuation of the very first scene of the story, if that wasn't clear /bricked

That was one of the spots I was particularly frustrated with when I was writing. WAE DID YOU HAVE TO CALL ME OUT AND HUMILIATE ME DDDDD: jk but because you asked for clarification I will know better for the next time~

Sungmin will clear the cobwebs out of Kyuhyun's brain and get rid of that obnoxious voice~ then Kyu will only converse with her~

YOU CAN'T DESTROY ME I am hardly responsible for what Kyu and Min do... unless of course you like what they do, then I will take credit for everything, lulz


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
KYUHYUN-AH you think so much! Stop for a while and learn to enjoy yourself for once! We only have one to live after all. You're JUST TOO GUARDED IDE ~ =/

Awe Kyuhyun's greatest fear is losing Sungmin - well, go get her now! What're you waiting for!? *sigh*

KYUPPA so KYUte! Where can I get one?trolol

And ninja!YeWook there got me LOL-ing ~

AND OMFG Kyuhyun stop thinking that you're old! Seven years aint much! I'll tell you what's old --- Hugh Hefner and his playboy bunnies ~ NOW, THAT'S OLD!

THIS: He's come to terms with his problem, if by 'coming to terms' one means 'ignoring his feelings. ~ So heartbreaking *is bawling while patting Kyuhyun*

OMO don't apologize! In fact, we owe it to you to write such a beautiful story ~ and don't think it's not good 'coz it really is! I swear it's osm. JSYK, I wouldn't be tired of waiting for the updates of this wonderful story ~
CHEER UP! KyuMin yeongwonhi! Saranghae!*heart sign with Min*

hi... im a new reader... and i totally love your fic...
its nice to read...
and its kyumin... keke..

please update soon...

Just re-read this...
This is such a BEAUTIFUL story!!!
.. I love it!!^^

I feel so so so so bad now.
That I just found out, just now, that you updated.
School was hell for the past months, but that's not a valid excuse from not looking after your fic.
I hope you did not think that I abandoned you cause that's the list thing in my list.
I really feel bad.
Sorry again.
Off to read this and the upcoming chapters.

I will further explain my side
My computer actually crashed..twice in the past few months, making
all my bookmarks disappear.
And I think that's the reason I lost your fic.
but then good thing I suddenly remembered my favorite KyuMin fic.
And then I tried bombarding my lj to find you.

Anyways. I don't know when you can read this.
I know it may be hard for you to think and think for us readers, but if you need any support you need (but not financial) I will surely give you.

Goodluck in whatever you are doing now :D
And I hope you see this :D

I was re-reading these today :) they're still lovely even after the second time ♥

uhm.. I was just wondering... if you'll still update this fic?..I'm just really curious coz I love this fic.. and I know... there are a lot of readers who loves this fic too.. :)

Thanks for sharing this! :D I love your fics! really~

I know this has been posted so long ago, but i just wanna say i've reread your fics many times already (rerererereading just now) sorry, i just only commented today

your kyumin is amazing! I hope you continue this.

Wow! It's been more than a year since the last update and i still keep reading this again and again.

I hope you still haven't decided to ditch this fic since this is soooo good.

Still waiting for your next update!~

Is this story supposed to be ended here or it is not?
Coz if its not then i really wanna read the next chapter
And from what i see you havent updated since...a half and year ago?:((((
Why you dont have any confident in your writing??its beautiful,i love itttt<333
Please update T___T


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