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[fic] cocoon
Cocoon [5/?]
Kyuhyun/girl!Sungmin, Heechul; R; 12416 words; chaptered
Sungmin knew her best friend had a younger brother, she just didn't know anything about him.
a/n: the rating has changed to R, please take notice~ Also, I apologize for not replying to comments, I've been busy but I read them all D: and always feel free to point out errors (grammar or plot-wise, etc) as I've been meaning to advertise for a beta but my a/ns always get so wordy and annoying. more in the afterword!

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Sungmin watched the confusion clouding Kyuhyun's features, and finally slipped her fingers out of his. She smiled when his hands immediately slid back around her waist and his arms applied the slightest amount of pressure, keeping her in place on his lap.

"Why wouldn't you like being confessed to?" Kyuhyun asked, and Sungmin could hear the honest curiosity in his voice, and see it in his expression. He looked a little petulant, perhaps even annoyed.

"Would you like it?" Sungmin asked him in return. She watched his brow furrow deeper for a moment, as if he didn't understand, and Sungmin held her breath, waiting to see if Kyuhyun would be different than everyone else. When she had asked Heechul the same question a year ago when they'd met in a study group for college prep, the older girl had complained, 'of course I would like it if boys confessed to me almost every day!' Sungmin hadn't asked anyone ever again; she was embarrassed by the constant confessions, and confused by the fact that most girls fell over themselves when strangers confessed. Knowing that boys were attracted to her didn't make her feel good, or better. None of them had ever gotten to know her before confessing; they were just strangers, saying 'I like you, I love you, please accept this' and Sungmin was terrified of them.

Sungmin watched Kyuhyun's expression change from confused, to thoughtful, to understanding, to repulsed.

"Oh," he finally said, eyes glazed, and Sungmin bit her lip. The room was quiet as she watched Kyuhyun's eyes shifting now and then, as if he was imagining the scenario of being confessed to, and then his lips curled with disgust. "I don't like it," he concluded, his eyes focusing again and turning to look at her.

"If a pretty girl confessed to you, you wouldn't be happy?" Sungmin asked, playing the part of everyone who had never understood her. Kyuhyun scowled at her persistence and squeezed her waist abruptly, jerking her forward, forcing her hands to fly back up to the pillow to brace herself before she fell forward onto him. She caught herself just before their foreheads would have crashed together, and exhaled a sudden gasp of surprise at having been caught off guard, and being so intimately close to Kyuhyun in an instant. His dark eyes bore hard into hers and she had to close her own for a moment to collect herself from the shock before looking at him again.

"Not if it isn't you," Kyuhyun finally answered, his voice low, sending a chill down Sungmin's spine. Goose bumps flooded her skin and her eyes fell closed again as she let her forehead touch Kyuhyun's. "Why would I be happy if a stranger confessed to me?" She heard him ask, feeling his breath on her lips, knowing they were barely an inch from her own.

"Exactly my point," Sungmin replied breathlessly, before suddenly cupping Kyuhyun's face in her hands and pressing their lips together in a hard kiss. Kyuhyun responded immediately, eagerly, and pulled her tighter against him. Soon their lips were bruised and wet again, and they breathed heavily through their noses, unwilling to pull away even for the briefest of moments to gasp a breath. For Sungmin, in that moment, Kyuhyun's understanding was the most attractive thing about him. It shouldn't be so hard to find someone with common sense, who would agree with her, but it had been, and Sungmin had felt thoroughly alone, almost crazy, until now.

She gasped in surprise when Kyuhyun suddenly shifted, his hips bucking upward to knock her over, and in an instant she was beneath him and their lips were connecting again. His arms caged her in on either side of her head, his hips pressing her into the mattress, but he felt light and Sungmin knew if she weren't so dizzy and breathless, she could roll him back over if she wanted. But she didn't want to; she had no desire to leave the safe cocoon he'd created, and instead wound her arms around his neck, letting him tangle their tongues together in her mouth.

Kyuhyun's hips shifted against her and Sungmin's legs parted naturally, her thighs coming up on either side of his hips, legs wrapping around his waist as he pressed intimately against her. The sensation had her moaning weakly and she reluctantly turned her head to the side, panting heavily. While she tried to catch her breath, Kyuhyun's wet lips moved to her jaw, then down her neck, leaving a moist trail of heat before he latched onto her exposed collar bone and sucked.

"Kyuhyun-ah," she gasped, whining slightly as she buried her fingers into his hair and rolled her hips against the subtle rhythm he'd begun. "It's hot - I'm hot," she complained, writhing and feeling the perspiration on her lower back, beneath her breasts, at her hairline - and the burning ache between her thighs, where waves of pleasure crashed into her every time Kyuhyun's skinny hips came at her.

"Take off your shirt," he said hoarsely, sliding his hands between their bodies to pull it up.

"The door's open," she interjected hurriedly, rolling her neck back to look down as her hands fumbled with his, pulling her shirt back down over the hot skin of her stomach.

"It's okay," he panted, and she lifted incredulous eyes to his face, seeing his red, swollen, wet lips panting as he pulled on her shirt again, lifting it up and exposing her breasts. "I'm not gonna last long," he said with a groan, and Sungmin whimpered and closed her eyes when his cold fingers mapped the hot skin of her breasts, squeezing.

Sungmin thought that if Heechul hadn't been angry before, she would be now, even if she woke up fully recovered and in happy spirits. If she walked in on her little brother dry-humping her best friend again, it probably wouldn't go over too well. But Sungmin wasn't thinking of Heechul or worrying about the open door. Instead, she was tugging at Kyuhyun's shirt, helping him yank it over his head, before pulling him down so the warm skin of their stomachs touched. Kyuhyun began to push at her again, slowly but steadily, and Sungmin dug her heels into his lower back, wanting him closer and deeper.

"Hurry," she breathed, clutching the back of his head when he buried his face deep in her neck and the pillow.

"Closer," Kyuhyun groaned against her throat, keeping himself propped up weakly with one arm, while the other slid a hand between their bodies and fingered the button of her shorts, then began tugging on the zipper.

"Wait," Sungmin gasped, grabbing his wrist and pinching her eyes shut when he thrust particularly hard; they were only grinding against each other with their clothes between them but Sungmin could feel something inside of her responding as if it were being directly stimulated. "I'm not... wearing... anything else," she explained with an embarrassed flush. Kyuhyun slowly lifted his head to meet her eyes, his hand reaching back up to brace himself as he continued to thrust forward. He held her gaze, and even though Sungmin was slightly humiliated, she couldn't look away; Kyuhyun had some sort of power over her in that way, like Heechul could make her do things she didn't want to. But it was Kyuhyun's eyes; dark and serious and making her lose herself.

It seemed that her confession was making him drive his hips harder and deeper, and Sungmin keened and whined, gripping his bare biceps in her hands, pushing herself back at him desperately. The paper-thin barrier between her desperation and finding completion was dangerously close to crumbling; Sungmin had never been with anyone before and only knew the nervous, timid pleasures she had found through curiosity. Kyuhyun had given her the impression earlier that he'd never been with anyone, either, and she wondered if he was letting his body tell him what it wanted, like she was, and that was the only reason they were having any success with this. If Sungmin had listened to reason, or tried to think about anything other than whether or not Kyuhyun's movements felt good, she would be lying next to Heechul right now thinking about it rather than doing it.

"Sungmin," Kyuhyun groaned, and she looked through heavy-lidded eyes to see his face hovering right before hers, his eyes pinched shut, brow furrowed, lips parted. She could feel his rhythm waver and it occurred to her then that he was about to come. Kyuhyun had found pleasure with her - hopefully because of her and her alone - and the knowledge sent a jolt of sensitivity through her, so when Kyuhyun's hips stuttered with his release, she was coming too.

Kyuhyun kept himself over Sungmin with shaking arms; his muscles trembled from the intensity of his orgasm, from his head to his toes. His hips lay heavily on Sungmin's, joined together through his jeans, her shorts, and the sweat on their skin. Kyuhyun felt like he couldn't catch his breath or even lift his head, which hung down, his forehead brushing Sungmin's covered shoulder. His vision came and went, but when things focused now and again, he could see the swell of her breast near his face, exposed from when he'd hastily pushed her t-shirt up to her armpits. His lips quivered as he watched her dark nipple heave up and down with the motion of her chest, a dusky pink color that reminded him of her bruised lips.

"Kyuhyun-ah," he heard her murmur weakly, and he closed his eyes when her hands smoothed up his slick back, the sweat cooling slowly now that they'd stopped moving. Kyuhyun could feel the slight pressure of her palm against his shoulder blade, the other traveling up to the nape of his neck where small fingers buried into his hair. "Lay down," she breathed heavily, sounding just as breathless as him.

Kyuhyun didn't protest, just lowered his trembling body slowly, until he could feel Sungmin with every inch of himself. He laid his head down on her shoulder with her breasts pressed tightly against his chest, and closed his eyes as her fingers massaged his scalp.

Kyuhyun could count on one hand the number of times he'd come in his life, including this. Before Sungmin, it had been three occasions in which his teenage body had joined forces with the powers that be and either burnt up his laptop battery or given him an arousal that was impossible to ignore. Kyuhyun's lack luster masturbation had probably been too humiliating and unsatisfying for his body to bear and thus it had given up; Kyuhyun's laptop battery hadn't been giving him trouble and he hadn't been aroused in months. Since he'd never been with a girl before Sungmin, he had nothing to compare the experience to, but Kyuhyun found himself not really giving a shit. If Sungmin hadn't been displeased (and he didn't think she was; not if the way her body stuttered and trembled against him as he came was anything to go by) then he wanted to do it again. And again. But preferably later after he'd changed his pants and his muscles weren't shaking so badly.

Kyuhyun turned his head, resting his other cheek on Sungmin's shoulder, and peered up at her through the slightly sweaty mess of his fringe. She turned her head to look down at him when he moved, and his eyes closed briefly again when her fingertips brushed the nape of his neck before sliding back into his hair once more. When Sungmin met his eye, he smiled crookedly, moving one of his hands to slide down the bare skin of her side. He watched, pleased, as she shivered.

"You came, right?" He asked, genuinely curious, too tired to be embarrassed about being so candid and shameless just at that moment. Sungmin's fingers clenched in his hair and her eyes closed, flushed cheeks glowing in the warm light filtering through the window curtains. Kyuhyun's eyes focused in on her lips, watching her pink tongue come out to wet them briefly; they remained slightly parted, glistening, and when she quietly breathed out a 'yes,' Kyuhyun craned his neck up to press his lips to hers.

Kyuhyun kissed her as deeply as he dared, then began to slowly roll off of her, keeping their lips pressed together and holding her flush against him so they wouldn't be separated. Sungmin began to laugh against his lips, and he chuckled too, pulling back enough so he could successfully roll them over without either of them biting each other in the process. When Sungmin was on top of him again, her thighs parted and she pushed herself up with her arms partway before stopping suddenly. Her t-shirt had slipped back down over her breasts, which Kyuhyun lamented briefly before noticing the look on her face; her lips had parted in a silent exclamation, her eyes pinched shut, and her arms trembled slightly on either side of him.

"Sungmin?" He asked hesitantly, reaching a hand up to push her long, dark hair out of her face. She shivered and Kyuhyun saw her teeth bite her lower lip as she shifted and finished pushing herself up to sit on his lap. Almost immediately she began to slowly maneuver herself off, dragging her right leg over his hip to crawl off the bed. Kyuhyun was momentarily distracted by other things, like the open button and partially unzipped fly of her black shorts, but grabbed her bicep gently while pushing himself up closer to her. "Are you hurt?" He choked out, cupping her face and turning her to look at him.

Sungmin regarded him with wide eyes for a moment before her cheeks flushed and she bowed, shaking her head in the negative. Her delicate hands pawed gently at his bare stomach, fingernails scratching the pale skin lightly as she looked back up. "I just- should clean up," she stuttered, closing the small gap between them with a kiss of reassurance.

Kyuhyun watched blankly as she slowly crawled off of him, each movement hesitant and measured, her shorts shifting and riding dangerously low. Kyuhyun saw flashes of tan skin, the contrast striking between the white of her t-shirt and the black of her shorts, and suddenly he realized what was going on.

"Stop," he said abruptly, and Sungmin paused, turning back slightly to look over her shoulder. She was only a foot away from the bed; Kyuhyun watched her bring one foot back so her legs were no longer parted, and bit the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from smirking.

"What?" She asked, voice wavering slightly, and Kyuhyun watched her fidget subtly. He remained silent, staring at her, waiting. Sungmin stared back for a minute before her eyes began to narrow just slightly. Her lips pursed and Kyuhyun fought hard when his own quirked in response.

"Kyuhyun-ah," Sungmin finally whined, clenching her hands into fists, and Kyuhyun's eyes shifted quickly down. Her white t-shirt was crumpled, wrinkled at her stomach, exposing a strip of skin and the undone state of her black shorts. It was probably the sexiest thing Kyuhyun had seen in all his life, and he had trouble believing such a beautiful girl was really in his room, and had really just gotten off with him. But when his eyes continued their downward descent the reality was painfully obvious. Sungmin's shapely thighs trembled minutely but Kyuhyun's eyes zeroed in on the thin, glistening trail of milky come trickling slowly down the inside of her left thigh.

"I hate you," Sungmin groaned, spinning on unsteady feet to leave. Kyuhyun lurched forward onto his knees, throwing a long arm out to grab her around the waist and yank her back. Sungmin yelped when her back collided with his chest and he pulled her back onto the bed.

"It doesn't feel like you hate me," Kyuhyun teased, one hand sliding beneath her shirt to pull her back against his chest, the other sliding down to the inside of her thigh, brushing through the sticky trail.

"Kyuhyun-ah, that's-" Sungmin started to protest, but stopped abruptly when Kyuhyun's mouth started biting at a bruise on her neck.

She let Kyuhyun play his games, dragging her back down onto the bed, where he promptly crawled on top of her and made himself comfortable. He milked her neck for what seemed like hours, one of his hands buried in her long, dark hair, the other fondling her unabashedly under her t-shirt.

"You're so hormonal," Sungmin whimpered when he finally released his lips from her swollen neck with an obscene, wet sucking sound. "If Heechul sees that she really will throw your laptop in the Han River," she breathed weakly, rolling out from under him before he collapsed onto the bed in her place. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go borrow another pair of your sister's shorts since these are gross," Sungmin sniffed disdainfully and walked delicately out of the room, pretending she couldn't hear Kyuhyun's tired laughter following her down the hallway.

afterword/notes: my intention for this fic was that there would be a handful of chapters about how Sungmin and Kyuhyun met/got together, which is what you're reading now, and I think it should be about 7 parts; but I also have a lot of character information and conflict that I wanted to explore in further chapters, so there would be a sequel sort of, but not really, just like... more chapters, or a part 2 of the story, which is confusing because I divide things up by parts already. Anyway, I decided that there was a scene missing that would help set up further chapters (if I ever get them written) so currently part 6 is not yet written, but part 7 is. If you followed any of my poorly worded explanation, you are a trooper. tl;dr the next part isn't written yet, pls be patient? :D

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That. Was. Hot.
*fan myself*
I love how they seemed so sweet and even almost innocently cute, despite what they were doing xD
I'll be patient and looking frward to reading chapters about the deeper side of their relationship (mybe more on the mental aspect than physical?) ^o^

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