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[fic] cocoon
Cocoon [6/7~]
Kyuhyun/girl!Sungmin, Heechul; R; 14365 words; chaptered
Sungmin knew her best friend had a younger brother, she just didn't know anything about him.
a/n: life happened, I'm very sorry for the huge delay and I will be surprised and grateful if anyone was/is still waiting for this D: I'm sharing part 6 and 7 together, and that will be the end of this first part of the story~

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Sungmin tried her best to be quiet when she slipped back into Heechul's bedroom. The last thing she needed at the moment was to wake her best friend when she was wearing her shorts that were for all intents and purposes unwearable in their current state. Not to mention they were hanging off her hips and Kyuhyun had left sticky, pale streaks of her release on the insides of her thighs. She would be quick about it - in and out - grab the first pair of shorts or pants you see, Sungmin, and get the fuck out.

"Your mother's going to kill you," Heechul murmured, and Sungmin stiffened immediately; whether it be from the horrifying reality that Heechul was awake, or from the mentioning of her mother, she really didn't know, but did it even matter? "Or Kyuhyun. Or both of you. Him first probably. She'll make you watch, too. Probably something really gruesome... she'll chop off his dick or-"

"Heechul," Sungmin interrupted quietly, forgoing her intimate Heechul-ah or cute Hee. Her fingernails curled into her palms and formed deep red crescent marks as she tried to still the minor trembling of her bones. Nothing could instill fear in her quite like her mother - even just the mentioning of her. She thought maybe what should be more frightening was the fact that Heechul sounded completely sober and healthy - everything she was saying was the result of sound mind. "My mother wouldn't do that," she reasoned lamely, her voice cracking the slightest as she looked over her shoulder.

Heechul was lying in bed on her side, the blankets pulled up to her hip, her hands palm-to-palm beneath her cheek. Her eyes were open if not slightly tired looking, but she seemed to be getting on much better despite the unimpressed look on her face.

"Did you two have sex?" Heechul asked abruptly, eyes turning down to where Sungmin's fingers were trying to discretely button up her shorts.

"No," Sungmin murmured, her face flushing a deep scarlet as she turned away and began rifling through Heechul's closet. Sungmin wanted to tell Heechul that it wasn't any of her business, but even if that were true, it wasn't in her character to be so cold.

"It looks like you did," Heechul sniffed, and Sungmin's fingers flipped faster through the random articles of clothing, eyes unfocused and unseeing. "Even if you didn't now, I bet you're going to. I figured one day you would find someone, Min... one out of a thousand assholes would have to be The One, right? I just didn't expect it to be my little brother," she admitted skeptically, and Sungmin heard the rustling of blankets. She glanced back over her shoulder to see Heechul lying on her back, a hand thrown over her forehead as she squinted at the ceiling.

"Are you okay?" She asked worriedly, grateful for the distraction. Sungmin began to approach her friend but stopped abruptly when Heechul turned hard eyes on her.

"I don't know who to be more worried about, Min. You or Kyuhyun."

Sungmin regarded her best friend silently for a minute, then two, and they stretched on forever. The longer she held her tongue, the more her eyes stung, until she sank miserably to her knees by Heechul's bed and buried her face in her hands. Heechul didn't comfort her, but Sungmin hadn't really expected her to do so - even ignoring the fact that she was probably still weak and without much energy. Heechul wasn't the kind of friend to tell white lies just for the sake of pleasing others, not even Sungmin.

"My mother won't find out," Sungmin choked out through her fingers, looking up to Heechul with red cheeks and tear tracks running down her flushed skin. "My parents haven't come to visit me since graduation and I don't think they mean to."

In her head, Sungmin tried desperately to rationalize the situation - to make it so that being with Kyuhyun wouldn't be the biggest mistake of her life. It was unfair, like most things; being with Kyuhyun, even only for the few short hours she had known him, was so much different than being with Heechul and her friends, or her classmates, or her parents. With Kyuhyun she was just Sungmin, Heechul's friend whom he didn't know anything about and thus didn't have any expectations for. But Sungmin knew her mother wouldn't allow it if she knew.

"I only see them for Christmas, really. That's probably how it will stay for the rest of college, you know? And it's not like I would invite Kyuhyun to go - he has you and your mother, and it's only summer, what am I even talking about, it's not like he would still be interested that far out, and my mother-"

"Sungmin," Heechul interrupted gently, reaching out and touching her friend's shoulder lightly.

Sungmin shakily lowered her hands from her face and sniffled unattractively, biting her quivering lower lip to stop it, to stop herself from talking, to stop her heart from racing in fear.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get you all worked up about her," Heechul apologized, taking one of her friend's tear-stained hands into her own and squeezing reassuringly.

It had been a while since Sungmin had let herself dwell too long on her mother. Mostly she had come to terms with the fact that the woman controlled every aspect of her life, even after she had moved out of the country over a year ago. Sungmin knew she was going to the college her parents wanted her to go to, studying the programs they wanted her to study, going into the business they wanted her to go into, living in the apartment they picked out for her, wearing the clothes from the expensive wardrobe her mother had ordered her - and her mother would stop accepting Sungmin's excuses for not having a boyfriend one of these days.

Using her studies was a perfectly legitimate way to avoid the expectation that Sungmin be dating. And she knew her mother was also conservative about Sungmin having children too soon; 'mother, you know if I start dating and get married, he'll want to start a family...' That alone had her mother snapping her lips shut about whatever attractive, single man she'd found for her daughter.

Of course Sungmin knew that when she reached the right age, whatever her mother thought that was, she would be hounding her about getting pregnant and Sungmin didn't think she could handle that when it inevitably happened.

Which was why she had learned to pretend her parents didn't exist. It was pretty easy once they moved to Japan after her high school graduation, letting her stay behind to continue her studies at Seoul National University.

"You know, Min," Heechul interrupted her thoughts quietly, and Sungmin looked to her friend with puffy red eyes to see her smiling softly, an expression the older girl usually reserved for just such private occasions. "I know Kyuhyun pretty well... although perhaps not as intimately as you do now," she added with a bit of a scowl, and Sungmin felt her cheeks flush in embarrassment. She could still feel Kyuhyun's bony fingers grabbing her breasts, her thighs, smearing her come. "Anyway. He's never had a girlfriend, but I don't think he would be the type to get involved if he didn't really mean it... I don't think he would let her go, or break-up with her."

Sungmin felt like a child as Heechul looked down at her from the bed, like she was being forewarned to come home before the street lights came on, or to not sneak cookies before dinner because it would spoil her appetite.

"I didn't mean to be so cruel to him earlier," Heechul confessed reluctantly, her face reddening and turning away. "He is a fucking geek and all he does is game and never shower," she added quickly, as if defending the judgments she'd just revoked. "I don't know how you could touch him, ugh," she scoffed, and Sungmin felt the tension in the room dissipating - thoughts of her mother washed off like dirt in the rain and she couldn't help the smile on her face as she let go of Heechul's hand.

"He seemed plenty clean until-"

"Don't! Don't even say it! I want to go on sort of pretending you guys didn't do whatever you did. Oh god, did you get it on the kitchen counter earlier? I eat there!" Heechul cried, burying her face in her hands and burrowing into her bed sheets.

Sungmin started giggling uncontrollably and fell back onto the floor, clutching her stomach and swatting half-heartedly at the pillows Heechul started raining down upon her.

"I take it back! Kyuhyun really is an awful shit, and I won't allow you to date him! It's unacceptable!" She shrieked, resorting to balling up her entire bed sheet, throwing it heavily down upon Sungmin who fought it weakly until she was a tangled mess.

"You can't, Heechul-ah, I already know how much you love Kyuhyun and how highly you regard him," she laughed, finally managing to disentangle herself from the sheet, swatting away a plush kitten toy that Heechul aimed viciously at her head. "And I'm going to need practice standing up for myself, right?" She asked a bit timidly, trying not to fall back into the sinkhole of mother-related thoughts.

"Tch, I suppose," Heechul muttered, stuffing her arms across her chest and leaning back heavily against her headboard. Sungmin smiled weakly at her friend for a moment before looking down at the ground, her fingers, her lap, anywhere else. Sometimes she thought she was only nineteen years old and shouldn't have to fight so hard for the little things, but other times she thought she was old enough to know she wouldn't always get what she wanted in life. Sometimes she thought she needed to grow a spine, others she thought she needed to concede.

"I really like him, Heechul-ah," she confessed shyly, looking up from her slightly sticky thighs to show her determination to her friend. Heechul met her look evenly, and Sungmin watched her battle herself, lips trying not to quirk into a resolute smile.

"Well if you must," Heechul sneered cruelly before breaking into a slight grin. "I guess it could be worse. Somehow. Although I can't really imagine anything more terrible than this... at least he can't hurt you," she added as an afterthought, and Sungmin bit her lip gently. Probably Kyuhyun couldn't physically harm her, that was true. But she knew she was falling perhaps too quickly for him; she was already setting herself up to be hurt.

Sungmin tried to remind herself again that she'd only met him the night before. It had been less than twenty-four hours and she'd already shared a bed with him twice, already felt his hands on her bare skin, encouraged him to touch her, let him do what he wanted without feeling a shred of fear - because she wanted it too. Wanted it as badly as she had never wanted any of the confessions and other boys pushing themselves onto her. Strangely, she now felt a reason to fight back. Maybe she should have protected herself better before for her own sake, instead of wanting to protect herself now for Kyuhyun-

"Yah, what are you doing, day-dreaming about my little brother? Go change out of my clothes you've ruined," Heechul sniffed, yanking her bed sheet off the floor. Sungmin watched with a smile as her best friend turned her back on her and curled up.

"Thank you, Heechul-ah," she murmured quietly.

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Finally~ You're back~~
I have to sleep so gonna read chapter 7 fast and comment better tomorrow okaay~~
Love this fic!!

aww...heechul accepts their budding relationship :D
but wonder why sungmin's mother is such a problem for sungmin XP

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