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[fic] cocoon
Cocoon [4/?]
Kyuhyun/girl!Sungmin, Heechul; PG-15; 9555 words; chaptered
Sungmin knew her best friend had a younger brother, she just didn't know anything about him.
a/n: I feel like I owe Heechul an apology; everyone is angry with her, lol :( the next part should be rated R but whether it will be posted in two days (like the other updates) or not, I cannot be sure~ I will try my best. I hope you are still enjoying the fic :D

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"Heechul-ah," Sungmin interjected weakly as her fingers slid out of Kyuhyun's hair, down his chest where she tried to push him backward. "Let go," she whispered breathlessly, hoping Heechul couldn't hear her, or see her little brother's hands full of her best friend's breasts, for that matter.

"And Sungmiin-ah, when I said I would help you find a skinny boyfriend I didn't mean this- this- this thing!" Heechul spat, and Sungmin looked over Kyuhyun's bony shoulder to see her best friend supporting herself in the kitchen doorway with one hand, the other flailing wildly at Kyuhyun's back. Heechul looked considerably unwell with her flushed face, messy bed hair, and rumpled clothes.

"Heechul-ah," Sungmin said again, feeling desperate as she pushed herself forward against Kyuhyun to move him out of the way. Feeling him pressed so close against the warmth between her thighs made her legs tremble and she released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding when his hands fell reluctantly from her chest. "Heechul-ah, please, you shouldn't be out of bed, you were so sick last night, let me help you," she stuttered, moving around the island on wobbly legs.

"Yah! Don't come any closer; I don't know where your hands have been!" Heechul shrieked, and Sungmin stopped short, feeling her face flush with humiliation and shame as Heechul looked at her with narrowed, accusing eyes.

"Heechul-ah," she said quietly, hands curling into fists at her side as she looked down at the ground. "Kyuhyun-ah was very kind last night," she defended, voice cracking slightly when her eyes began to burn. Heechul couldn't still be drunk, and she wouldn't behave this way if she were hungover; it didn't seem very characteristic of a person who'd been deathly ill the night before and should be sleeping it off for hours, either. If Heechul was really angry, then Sungmin didn't know if she could bear it. "You were so sick, I didn't know what to do, and he took care of you, so-"

"So you had to dry-hump each other on the kitchen counter this morning? Ugh, I can smell it," Heechul groaned, leaning against the door frame, pulling at her long blond hair with angry fists.

"Are you sure that isn't the morning after of your own vomit?" Kyuhyun's voice interjected and Sungmin bit her lip, hearing the annoyance in his tone. "You practically threw up your own weight last night and Sungmin sat with you through it all, so why don't you just chill out and let her help you back to bed, Heechul?"

Sungmin dared to look up at her best friend even though she already knew the murderous look that would be on her face. Sure enough, Sungmin could practically see steam pouring out of Heechul's reddened ears, and quickly moved into action.

"Okay, Heechul-ah, let's get back into bed," she said calmly while taking Heechul by the shoulders and turning her around.

"Kyuhyun, you little shit!" Heechul started screaming, fighting against Sungmin as the smaller girl used her superior strength to force her around the corner and back down the hall toward her room. "If you fuck her I'll make you regret it! I'll throw your fucking laptop off the fucking Banpo Bridge, do you hear me? You aren't good enough for her!"

It didn't take long for Heechul to wear herself out with all her screaming. Sungmin concluded that she must be dehydrated... and delirious, or so she hoped, even if it was an awful thing to wish for. Heechul had said terrible things about Kyuhyun, and despite her having called him a geek before, Sungmin didn't get the impression that they were such unclose siblings. Kyuhyun really had taken good care of her the night before, and Heechul had never said another word against Kyuhyun as far as she could tell. Even with Heechul's outrageous personality, the sort of things she said and the way she had behaved were very uncharacteristic. So Sungmin tried to get her hydrated and sat with her while she slipped in and out of sleep, nodding off and then jerking awake, before she was finally knocked out from exhaustion and began snoring quietly.

Sungmin released a heavy sigh and slipped off the bed, onto the floor where she pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face in them. Tears burned at the corners of her eyes and she squeezed her ankles tightly, fingernails digging into the skin.

She wanted Heechul to be well, so she could tell her they wouldn't be going to parties again anytime soon, and maybe she should take the 'Sungmin approach to life' as she had so teasingly called it, and swear off all alcohol if it made her so sick. And selfishly, she wanted Heechul well so the older girl could evaluate the situation sanely, and not forbid Sungmin to see Kyuhyun. Heechul had that sort of power over people, even Sungmin - especially Sungmin. She got her way whether it was fair or not, whether it was what Sungmin wanted or not. And Sungmin really, really wanted Kyuhyun - even if it scared her to admit it to herself. Her body trembled from thinking about him, remembering how warm and comfortable she felt falling asleep on his shoulder last night, with his arm wrapped securely around her waist.

Kyuhyun was unlike the other boys who approached her time and again. Theoretically, he should be more immature than they were, and yet it was his playful, cocky attitude that she was attracted to, whereas boys her age were the immature ones, assuming things and getting aggressive with her when she clearly wasn't interested in them. Kyuhyun didn't scare her like they did, and it didn't really have anything to do with his skinny arms and protruding ribs. He had an air of confidence that didn't quite fit, and yet he seemed completely unaware of how attractive he was. Moreover, Sungmin remembered how quickly he'd jumped out of bed when she told him Heechul was sick - how he'd rushed past her like she wasn't even there, completely focused on helping his sister. He was unselfish; she'd never met another boy who thought of others first.

Lifting her head out from between her knees, she sniffled and wiped at her tears with trembling fingers, telling herself to stop being such a baby. Heechul was a good person; surely she could see that her brother was, too. And Sungmin wasn't going to let go so easily.

After she got her emotions under control, she took a quick shower and borrowed some of Heechul's clothes. She hadn't planned on staying longer than the night, but now that Heechul had fallen ill due to the party they'd attended, Sungmin felt that she was partly to blame. She glanced at Heechul's soundly sleeping figure curled up on the bed while pulling on a pair of black jean shorts that her friend had grown too tall for, her thoughts drawn to the big empty house and constant silence - she felt empathy for Heechul and Kyuhyun. She knew their father had left when they were very young, and their mother worked endlessly, traveling all over the country for her job to more than make up for the lack of a second income in the household. Heechul had practically raised Kyuhyun, but nobody had raised Heechul. Even if Sungmin's inherent respect told her she was technically overstaying her welcome, she didn't think it would be any better to leave Kyuhyun to take care of Heechul alone. Sungmin exhaled deeply after she pulled on one of Heechul's bigger shirts - one with enough room in the chest - and bit her lip, thinking of all the things Heechul had said about Kyuhyun. She wondered if he had enough sense to know that his sister hadn't been in her right mind, or even if he did, had the words still cut deep? Sungmin felt impatient to know and with Heechul down for the count, she didn't see any reason why she couldn't find out.

Kyuhyun's door was partially open when she approached, her bare feet quiet on the carpet. She could see him sitting on his bed, his back against the headboard, but his laptop was on the floor, the screen closed and power off. Kyuhyun had his head tipped back over the headboard, eyes either closed or staring at the ceiling, hands limp at his sides on the mattress. Sungmin bit her lip and pressed her hand against the door, pushing it open the rest of the way. It made a soft creak and Kyuhyun's head rolled to the side, dark eyes locking on her, making her feet feel frozen where she stood.

Something in his eyes seemed different, she thought. Almost emotionless, or perhaps so full of emotion that she couldn't single one out, and Sungmin held her breath while she stared into their bottomless depths, the iris looking as black as the pupil from across the room.

"Kyuhyun-ah?" She asked quietly, and he blinked, the look vanishing. Sungmin exhaled and looked down at his right hand that lay on the mattress, palm up, his fingers curling at her invitingly. She stepped into the room, pausing momentarily to look back at the door, wondering if she wanted to close it, before coming to her senses and continuing to step quietly across the room. She reached out for Kyuhyun's hand when he lifted it, allowing him to pull her up onto his rumpled bed. His hands found her hips and he guided her onto his lap, where she settled in and looked curiously at him. His head remained leaned back, slightly cocked to the side, but he met her gaze nonetheless. After a moment of silence, Sungmin leaned forward with her palms pressed gently against Kyuhyun's chest, and hesitated for just the briefest of seconds before closing the distance between them.

Just before their lips touched, just before she closed her eyes, she saw his flutter shut, too.

Kyuhyun's hands gripped Sungmin's hips tighter when their lips touched. He'd only just met her the night before and yet it felt like he'd been waiting for eons to feel her lips against his own. He'd been wallowing in his own misery after Heechul's screaming had finally died down, thinking that half of the things she'd been yelling about him were probably true, and knowing that even if she didn't know what she was saying now, she'd probably still put up a fight when she was in her right mind again. Kyuhyun should have known it wouldn't be so easy to get with his sister's best friend.

But... it seemed plenty easy when Heechul was removed from the equation and it was just Kyuhyun and Sungmin, with her supple body on his lap, her lush lips flowering against his, parting with a quiet little gasp when he sent his tongue into her mouth. He spared the slightest amount of energy to wonder how on Earth he knew what he was doing. It seemed like his body had an inherent understanding of Sungmin and Sungmin alone; he moved and touched and groped when it felt right, and he was starting to realize that touching Sungmin always felt right.

She emitted the sweetest sounds whenever their lips would open and part before coming together again, wet and warm, and Kyuhyun could feel her thighs trembling every now and then on either side of his hips. He slid his hands up over them blindly, feeling soft skin over taut muscle, imagining the tanned color of her skin. His hands went further around her backside where he grabbed and pulled, shifting her hips forward and closer.

"Kyu," he heard her breathe weakly, and he opened his eyes when her palms left his chest to cup his face. He watched her pull back, eyes fluttering, her red, bruised lips connected to his momentarily with a filament of saliva. Kyuhyun swiped his tongue out, snapping it, holding her gaze steadily even when she bit her lip. After a moment her eyes fell shut, and she slowly leaned forward, pressing their bodies together completely. Kyuhyun closed his eyes, feeling her radiating immense amounts of heat through their thin t-shirts, her full breasts pressed between them. Sungmin rested her head on his shoulder much like she'd done the night before, and Kyuhyun would have gladly fallen asleep again.

"GaemGyu, huh," Sungmin murmured, and Kyuhyun could feel the vibration of the sound transfer between their bodies, into his chest. He smiled crookedly, eyes widening to take in the state of his room; it was like a warzone, really, but as embarrassed as he should have been by the dirty clothes, games, and textbooks strewn about everywhere, he just wasn't. Sungmin's petite body curled against his chest was comfortable and soothing. She made Kyuhyun feel like he didn't have anything to worry about... not even whether or not she found his messy personality repulsive. If she had a problem with him being a total loser, she wouldn't be there now.

"I'm a geek," Kyuhyun confessed, his hands sliding up and down Sungmin's back, feeling the ridges of her spine all the way up to the base of her neck, and back down, fingertips slipping slightly under the waistband of her shorts. He glanced down when her head of silky black hair shifted and she looked up at him with an amused smile.

"Heechul-ah told me that," she confessed, and Kyuhyun snorted and rolled his eyes, then promptly shut them when Sungmin's delicate hand reached up to cup his face and pull him down for another kiss. He pressed his lips to hers gently in return, lapping at her tongue playfully before she pulled away. Kyuhyun opened his eyes and watched her as she shifted minutely, but enough for the movement to be pleasurable against his lap. He grit his teeth and gripped her hips to keep her still, watching her downcast eyes as she smoothed her fingertips against his chest, creating swirling patterns against his thin t-shirt.

"She never told me anything else though," Sungmin continued quietly, her thumb rubbing back and forth over his sternum. "I wonder why," she pondered, and Kyuhyun wanted to believe it was because Heechul knew this would happen. Maybe that was why he'd never met his older sister's best friend - not because she was a pretty girl, but because she was Sungmin, and he was Kyuhyun, and this was bound to happen if they ever met. Kyuhyun really wanted to believe that. "How old are you, Kyuhyun?" She suddenly asked, looking up at him, face framed with a curtain of dark hair.

Kyuhyun hesitated, but knew that lying would be stupid and futile. "Seventeen," he replied, voice slightly unsteady. He watched Sungmin's face for any sign of surprise or trouble, wondering if he would see a change of heart.

"You'll graduate at the end of next semester?" She asked softly, fingertips smoothing up his chest, past the v-neck collar of his shirt to brush against pale skin. Kyuhyun shivered, goose bumps flooding his skin as he nodded weakly. He was scared of where this conversation was going. He didn't know if he wanted to think about summer vacation ending, and drowning in his studies and college preparation again; didn't know if he wanted to think about the fact that Sungmin might only be in Seoul for summer vacation, and maybe she didn't go to the same university as Heechul; didn't know if he wanted to start thinking about all the things he didn't know about her, and how he was too scared to even ask her age because girls were usually weird about things like that.

"Kyuhyun-ah," Sungmin whispered, and Kyuhyun realized his eyes had fallen shut, and when he opened them, they burned slightly. It dawned on him then that the stinging burn was tears developing; he blinked rapidly, embarrassed to see Sungmin staring at him intently, and hoped she hadn't been able to tell. Her full lips curled slightly, a fraction of a smile, but Kyuhyun thought it would change the world - or at least his own.

"Heechul-ah didn't mean any of that earlier," she murmured, tilting Kyuhyun's chin up when he looked down to avoid her eyes. Embarrassed at nearly crying and this moment of weakness, he met her eyes defiantly.

"Yes she did," he confessed; Kyuhyun couldn't be sure who knew Heechul better, but he'd lived with her his entire life, and had always been on the receiving end of her outbursts, whether she was perfectly sane - or as sane as Heechul would ever be, he thought wryly - or drunk or sick or out of her head.

"She was delirious," Sungmin countered, her smile fading as she sat up straight on Kyuhyun's lap. He gripped his arms tighter around her waist, preventing her from withdrawing any further. "She was dehydrated, she wasn't thinking straight," she explained, her palms resting flat on his chest as she stared at him. Even though he was reclining and she was sitting up straight, he was tall enough that she couldn't look down at him.

"Heechul is never thinking straight," Kyuhyun muttered, reluctantly removing one arm from under Sungmin's shirt so he could rub his hand tiredly at his face. When he let his hand fall away he was surprised to see the expression on Sungmin's face. She didn't look angry, or happy, which made her expression fall somewhere between point A and point B, which was about the extent of Kyuhyun's ability to read people's moods. Her full lips were slightly pursed, almost twisted and yet not; her eyes were focused, but not hard, and yet Kyuhyun got the impression she wasn't entirely in this moment, but recollecting something in her memory. Her hands had curled into fists on his chest, and slowly he moved to cover them with his palms, encouraging her to respond even if it was against him.

"Heechul-ah is protective," she answered after a while of silence. Kyuhyun went to contest her, to tell her that she wasn't making sense; if Heechul was protective of him, then she had a strange way of showing it. But Sungmin elaborated before he got the chance. "Of me," she added, as if she knew what he'd been about to say. Then she smiled crookedly, cocking her head to the side slightly and uncurling her fists in his hands. "Although I'm sure she would stomp on a girl's foot, too, if she tried to touch you. Not me, of course," she added with a smug smile, and Kyuhyun grinned as they intertwined their fingers and Sungmin pushed his hands back into the pillow behind his head.

"She told me to get a girlfriend, though," he argued, squirming a bit when he realized Sungmin was stronger than him, and his arms were really trapped on either side of his body.

"Probably only so you would get out of the house and give her privacy. She said all you do is game in your room... by get a girlfriend, she probably meant 'go to an arcade,'" she explained, pushing his hands harder into the pillow when she felt him struggling.

"What does that have to do with her being protective of you?" Kyuhyun asked with a slight whine, struggling and squirming harder against Sungmin's hands, stopping almost as soon as he felt the pressure cease. Sungmin's grip slackened until their fingers were merely curled together, and Kyuhyun watched the look cloud her face again.

"Heechul-ah..." she began, pausing momentarily as if she wasn't sure how to phrase her sentence. "She doesn't like when boys confess to me," she answered in a quiet voice, eyes slightly glazed over even though she continued to look at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun thought of the probably countless amount of guys who had fallen in love with Sungmin over the years and tried not to grit his teeth, then asked in the calmest voice possible, "Why not?"

Sungmin blinked, coming back to the moment, and Kyuhyun felt like she was truly seeing him again.

"Because I don't like it," she said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

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to be honest, i actually went to your LJ 8 times today, just to see if you've updated your fic, cocoon. ;)


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Just before their lips touched, just before she closed her eyes, she saw his flutter shut, too.

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